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*UPDATE* Thursday 7/17/2014
** Approved medical requests only

IMPORTANT NOTE:The Butalbital that may be prescribed through medical services is made by manufactures from the DEA exemption list only.

Urgent notice please read!
DEA has rescheduled Tramadol (Ultram), into a schedule IV controlled substance, effective August 18, 2014; please continue reading.

Doctors within our network are currently working to provide other forms of treatment. Many new options that will be available may provide more effective prescription care for the treatment of your medical condition; these options are going to be implemented within the next 7 days.

We will be notifying everyone once the new treatment options listed below, are available:
  • Metaxalone / generic for Skelaxin
  • Gabapentin / generic for Neurontin
  • Sumatriptan / generic for Imitrex
  • Cyclobenzaprine / generic for Flexeril
  • Baclofen / generic for Lioresal
  • Methocarbamol / generic for Robaxin
  • Tizanidine / generic for Zanaflex
  • Butalbital (from exempt manufactures)
Tramadol will become a federally schedule IV medication on August 18th, 2014; it may remain available through our services until August 10th, 2014.

Although the DEA ruling seems clear, we hope that an extension may be introduced to allow for more time to help people transition to alternative medical care. Please call us or email if you have any further questions.

Call Us! (888) 701-4990 / 8am - 9pm EST Monday-Friday

We enhance a patient's ability to research health problems and discover available options of treatment. It is important that you review all medications you are currently taking and your personal medical history, as well as seeking out other physicians for additional tests and medical opinions before making any changes to your current medical care. Services offered are not based upon online questionnaires or consultations; you will be contacted by our staff for follow up questions and any additional information needed.

If you cannot find the medical assistance you need or you are having any issues using this site, please contact Patient Services to assist you.

If you already have a prescription from your physician, please print our prescription form, fill it out and either mail it or fax it using the address and number provided on the form. Concerned with your privacy? Our servers use SSL encryption to protect your private information and this information will be kept strictly confidential. Read about our privacy policy.

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